September 20, 2017
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Party Information

BUTIL is an organization which endeavors to achieve a holistic provision of support services through its institutional networks, namely: Cooperative Banks Federation of the Philippines (BANGKOOP) and the 56 Cooperative Banks all over the country, Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines (CISP), and the Small Farmer’s Development Center (SFDC). The BANGKOOP and the Cooperative Banks all over the country provide approachable and accessible credit
support through the provision of loans at very minimal interest rates. In addition to that, CISP ensures the crops and life of our farmers so that they will be compensated in times of calamity and natural disasters.
It will also ensure that families of farmers are not left empty handed when death occurs in the family. The SFDC, on the other hand, provides training and seminars, as well as implement livelihood programs and projects geared towards providing additional source of income for our farmers. With all these organizations working hand-in-hand, BUTIL envisions that our farmers will emerge as the strongest sector in the country which contributes to the attainment of food security because we at BUTIL believe that “FARMER’S SECURITY IS FOOD SECURITY.”