September 20, 2017

Our History

On March 7, 1987, thirteen (13) farmer’s organizations joined together to sign a blood compact at the National Housing Authority (NHA) Conference Room, which marked the formation of the Farmer’s Supreme Council or SANDUGUAN.
Since then, SANDUGUAN has played an important role in the political sphere and has been recognized as a farmer’s organization by different agencies, both local and abroad. To provide political empowerment to farmers, SANDUGUAN has effectively participated in the electoral process since 1987. It formed the Farmers Party of the Philippines (FPP) and participated in the 1987, 1992 and 1995 elections mainly by endorsing candidates to local and national positions.

And in 1997 SANDUGUAN formed three island-wide parties, the Luzon Farmer’s Party, the Visayas Farmer’s Party and the Mindanao Farmer’s Party, who each fielded nominees under the very first party list system election in 1998.

Unfortunately, only the Luzon Farmer’s Party garnered the minimum number of votes and was able to put its very first representative in Congress, Hon. Benjamin Cruz.
In the next election in 2001, the Luzon Farmer’s Party renamed itself and used BUTIL as its acronym. This had a positive turn-out and increased the votes garnered to entitle BUTIL to have two representatives in Congress, Hon. Benjamin Cruz and Hon. Leonila V. Chavez.

In 2004, voters turn out was lessened and BUTIL was able to seat only one representative, Hon. Benjamin Cruz. And it was in this year when BUTIL lost its very first representative in Congress due to the demise of Hon. Benjamin Cruz. He was succeeded by Hon. Leonila V. Chavez who has been proclaimed as the representative of BUTIL in the 2007 Elections.

In 2009, the Supreme Court of the Philippines rendered its decision on a petition filed by some partylist groups which filled up all the seat allocation for partylist groups. This decision seated another representative from BUTIL, Hon. Agapito H. Guanlao.

Party Information

BUTIL is an organization which endeavors to achieve a holistic provision of support services through its institutional networks, namely: Cooperative Banks Federation of the Philippines (BANGKOOP) and the 43 Cooperative Banks all over the country, Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines (CISP), and the Small Farmer’s Development Center (SFDC). These networks encompass all the necessary support services that our farmers need to augment their livelihood, which will eventually empower them, so that they will emerge as the strongest sector in the country.

The BANGKOOP and the Cooperative Banks all over the country provide approachable and accessible credit support through the provision of loans at very minimal interest rates.

In addition to that, CISP ensures the crops and life of our farmers so that they will be compensated in times of calamity and natural disasters. It will also ensure that families of farmers are not left empty handed when death occurs in the family.
The SFDC, on the other hand, provides training and seminars, as well as implement livelihood programs and projects geared towards providing additional source of income for our farmers.

With all these organizations working hand-in-hand, BUTIL envisions that our farmers will emerge as the strongest sector in the country which contributes to the attainment of food security because we at BUTIL believe that “FARMER’S SECURITY IS FOOD SECURITY.”

Vision - Mission

A strong organization with a large mass, base among the rural poor, serving as the main effective catalyst, for social reforms in the countryside through peaceful and democratic means.
To provide food security to the entire nation, by first helping provide for the socio-economic security of the rural poor.


BUTIL, as an organization, primarily envisioned to empower the middle class through relevant programs which will promote and enhance their livelihood. Hence, the three K’s of BUTIL.

K-abuhayan — A strong and reliable credit facility is an imperative factor which will give rise to more productive farming in the country. Thus, our network of cooperative and cooperative banks all over the country accomplish these aim through provision of loans and greater access to credit facilities.
K-alusugan — Health is wealth. For our farmers to become efficient and productive in the field, their health must as well be taken cared of. Hence, we provide medical assistance to them and conduct medical mission to make sure that they are physically fit and healthy when they work in the fields.
K-arunungan — Education is a vital component which opens the door to knowledge and opportunity to apply said knowledge in everyday life or seek better jobs and ultimately succeed in life. Thus, we grant scholarship to deserving children of farmers and fund their education to give them a chance to acquire knowledge and study in state universities and colleges.


The BUTIL Farmers' Party advocates the following guiding principles:

Sustainable livelihood for farmers.
Establishment of cooperatives to improve the farmer’s yield in terms of availability of harvest facilities, credit facility, and encourage them to save part of their earnings.
Educate the youth through scholarship assistance to deserving children of farmers and mold them into responsible citizens advocating farmer’s rights.
Provision of basic medical assistance to farmers for them to have the necessary physical strength when working in the fields.
Approachable and accessible credit facility for farmers through our cooperative banks.
Legislative agenda pushing for national food security and empowerment of farmers.